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The Student Books

Updated high-interest readings in a variety of genres integrate target grammar and vocabulary in natural contexts. Students learn key words which they then apply throughout the unit — developing grammar and vocabulary simultaneously.

Redesigned Grammar Charts and Grammar Notes present the structures in a clear, easy-to-read format. Based on the feedback of practicing teachers, the grammar charts and notes have been streamlined for greater clarity and ease of instruction.

Added vocabulary activities highlight productive and academic words from the text that are practiced and recycled throughout the units.

Expanded listening tasks allow students to develop a range of listening skills. Additional listening, along with speaking and writing tasks ensure that grammar is practiced more completely in each skill area.

Explicit pronunciation activities help students move towards spoken fluency and accuracy. To ensure that students’ communication skills improve more holistically, every unit now comes with explicit instruction and practice of a pronunciation point.

New speaking and writing activities provide creative and meaningful opportunities for students to build language competence.

Unit Reviews allow students to check their understanding of the grammar and monitor their own progress after each unit. Each unit now comes with a Review Quiz. This formative assessment helps students and instructors track  progress better.

Teacher’s Resource Pack

The Teacher’s Resource Pack provides teachers with one compact resource for all their teacher support needs. It includes:

  • General teaching and assessment notes
  • Unit-by-unit teaching notes
  • Audio scripts and
  • The Student Book Answer Key.

Bound into the book is a Teacher’s Resource Disk with printable Assessments including:

  • A Placement Test
  • Customizable test-generating program
  • Classroom-friendly PowerPoint® Presentations and
  • Photocopiable Internet Activities.
My students love using this series because they become familiar with grammar in authentic contexts. They learn the form, meaning and use from clear, concise explanations and practice the grammar in controlled and communicative activities
Amy Fenning,
North Seattle Community College



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