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The Focus on Grammar Approach

Focus on Grammar follows a unique, four-step approach. The books provide an abundance of both controlled and communicative exercises so that students can bridge the gap between identifying grammatical structures and using them. The many communicative activities in each Student Book unit provide opportunities for critical thinking while enabling students to personalize what they have learned.

Step 1 : Grammar in Context highlights the target structures in realistic contexts, such as conversations, magazine articles, and blog posts.

Step 2 :  Grammar Presentation presents the structures in clear and accessible grammar charts and notes with multiple examples of form and usage.

Step 3 : Focused Practice of both form and meaning of the new structures is provided in numerous and varied controlled exercises.

Step 4 : Communication Practice includes listening and pronunciation and allows students to use the new structures freely and creatively in motivating, open-ended listening, speaking, and writing activities.


Written by ELT professionals, Focus on Grammar, helps students to understand and practice English grammar. The primary aim of the course is for students to gain confidence in their ability to speak and write English accurately and fluently.  The authors of Focus on Grammar are:

Irene E. Schoenberg has taught ESL for more than two decades at Hunter College’s International English Language Institute and at Columbia University’s American Language Program and she holds a master’s degree in TESOL from Columbia University.

Margaret Bonner has taught ESL at Hunter College and the Borough of Manhattan Community College of the City University of New York, at Taiwan National University in Taipei, and at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond. She holds a master’s degree in Library Science from Columbia University.

Marjorie Fuchs has taught ESL at New York City Technical College and LaGuardia Community College of the City University of New York, and EFL at the Sprach Studio Lingua Nova in Munich, Germany. She has a master’s degree in Applied English Linguistics and a certificate in TESOL from the University of Wisconsin—Madison.

Jay Maurer has taught English in bi-national centers, colleges, and universities in Portugal, Spain, Mexico, the Somali Republic, and the United States; and intensive English at Columbia University’s American Language Program.

Miriam Westheimer taught EFL at all levels of instruction in Haifa, Israel, for a period of six years. She has also taught ESL at Queens College, at LaGuardia Community College, and in the American Language Program of Columbia University. She holds a master’s degree in TESOL and a doctorate in Curriculum and Teaching from Teachers College of Columbia University.

My students love using this series because they become familiar with grammar in authentic contexts. They learn the form, meaning and use from clear, concise explanations and practice the grammar in controlled and communicative activities
Amy Fenning,
North Seattle Community College



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